GemsBok Technologies helps companies,

medical and research organizations manage and deploy technologies to support Enterprise, Science, Medical and Technology Computing.

Our business is to install, manage and maintain systems for you that will store, process and move your complex engineering, scientific research or media content.

How are these related? Whether it’s media or science, your work is made up of huge amounts of complex data. Our expertise is in deploying systems that are Macintosh based that will add tremendous benefits to your efforts.

Typically, Macintosh based service providers, consultants and VARs are focused and experienced in graphics and publishing small workgroup environment deployments.

You have differing needs in a large enterprise, medical, science or research environment. We can help you deploy the Mac so you have a superior and more dependable environment than that of Windows, but in keeping with your needs.


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Bader Lab - At the Terence Donelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular research

Centralized Equipment Pool (CEP) - Medical, Assistive and Augmentative Devices supplier.

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